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Pakistan Flood Appeal

In 2010 IAHV worked towards Pakistan flood relief.

Pakistan is going through one of the most difficult times in its history. By all accounts, the floods have caused a catastrophe that is much more severe in human suffering and consequences than the Tsunami, Haiti or Kashmir earthquake.

However the world has not responded adequately and Pakistan is finding it very difficult to cope with the challenge.  Over 20 million people are severely affected and displaced, their homes and means of income significantly impaired, fear of epidemics - all of this causing a huge amount of trauma and suffering.

IAHV, alongside the Art of Living Foundation, have a small volunteer base in Pakistan.  To date they have done the following:

  1. Organised a relief supplies distribution field trip in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

  2. Organized a medical camp in collaboration with LRBT (www.lrbt.org.pk) and relief supplies distribution field trip to Thatta, Sind.

  3. Organised a Yogathon in Islamabad to raise fund and awareness around the project.  Another is planned in Karachi. A series of fund raisers is planned to develop an on-going resource mobilisation effort.

  4. Participated in planning and assisting the relief efforts in Khairpur, Sind.

Follow-up plans included:

  1. To set up a Youth Leadership Training Programme - first batch of 30 youth volunteer leaders will be trained within next 6 weeks but this will scale up to 200 within 12 months. These youth will be trained to work together to respond to the social and pracitical needs within their communities, supported and resourced by the organisation.
  2. Setting up a trauma relief programme, involving the training of over 30 teachers within the next 12 months who will be solely working in the affected areas.  A proposal is to set up 20 Mobile Centers that will be solely working in the remote affected areas.
  3. Relief and Rehabilitation within villages and communities covering 10,000 families - under 5H creating a model society for others to follow. (See 5H project page)



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