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Manage Your Mind

Manage Your Mind achieves 80% Reduction in Anxiety and 75% Reduction in Depression

STRESS – is a term we are all familiar with and is something we all encounter in our day-to-day lives. Our free weekly workshops in Medway, Kent, will help anyone affected by Stress, Anxiety and Depression.


The hour long group-based sessions were started by a local GP, Dr Farnaaz Sharief who set these up to support mental health services in the community and provide a means by which people could learn practical, effective ways of managing their stress.


At each workshop, people are taught breathing and meditation techniques for physical and mental relaxation, combined with simple information that provides the skills required to handle the common emotional and psychological responses to challenging situations. For those that benefit from these sessions and are keen to develop this skill further, IAHV offers a more intensive weekend workshop. All sessions provide people with a “home practice guide” encouraging individuals to integrate what they learn into their daily routines.

People’s response to the techniques taught are monitored using internationally validated questionnaires that measure how their levels of Depression (PHQ-9) and Anxiety (GAD-7) change over time.

The entire professional service works closely with local GP’s, other community based organisations and is managed by Dr Sharief and her team of six volunteers - all of whom have completed the workshop and benefited from the techniques.

Manage Your Mind (MYM) has been very well received by the community and feedback from local GP’s has been very positive.

“I think this is a great service that you are providing and so I do encourage a lot of patients to attend .........All of my patients who have attended have given a very positive feedback.” Medway GP

MYM has supported an average of 7 new people per week. 25% of people were referred by their GP, counselor or other healthcare organisation. Close to 700 attendances at the 43 workshops held in 2013 – with over 66% of people attending two or more sessions.

Our results have also been very promising and for those who have completed the entire workshop levels of Depression and Anxiety have dropped by an overwhelming 70%.

100% of people completing our weekend workshop are “extremely satisfied” with the service they have received and would recommend us to others.

“This course has released a lot of tension and irritability leaving me feeling refreshed, cleansed and quite free in mind, body and spirit. It has given me the opportunity and time to reflect and re-assess my life, my person and give me more clarity. I feel that I have got to know and understand myself better. This weekend has shown me myself, my needs, especially how to eat and live better with a clearer conscience.” Participant YL

The team of volunteers have also met with prominent local authorities and their hard work in the community has resulted in extensive media coverage as well as a nomination for The Pride of Medway Award.

We intend that our collaboration with local authorities, healthcare professionals, organisations and individuals within the community will continue making a positive lasting difference.

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