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Supplying the Missing Link to Peacebuilding –Effectively Transforming Hearts and Minds for Peace

The IAHV Peacebuilding project was set up in March 2013, with the aim of identifying, articulating and developing IAHV’s unique expertise and approach to peacebuilding as part of strengthening peacebuilding efforts worldwide.

There is a “peacebuilding industry” which invests billions in political, economic, security and other systems intended to create more stability and development, but these efforts rarely lead to a lasting, self-sustaining peace. Existing peacebuilding interventions focus extensively on external conditions and systems, but mostly fail to address a crucial dimension of peacebuilding, namely creating peace at the individual level. Peace cannot be realized in a society as long as the individuals in it are not at peace.

IAHV’s peacebuilding approach places the human being back at the centre of peacebuilding and works effectively with the inner lives of individuals as the crucial locus of decision-making and behaviour. Through scientifically proven techniques, knowledge and processes, we bring effective change and profound transformation within the individuals and the communities within which they operate. IAHV’s strength is to calm agitated minds, help manage and release negative emotions, foster understanding, empathy and compassion, and inspire ownership and action. By working with the psycho-social aspects, IAHV’s programmes lay the much needed foundation for sustainable peace and can thus increase the impact of joint peacebuilding efforts in the field.

“I wholeheartedly endorse the IAHV Peacebuilding Project that you are launching.I firmly believe that IAHV has the promise of bringing something unique and impactful to traditional peacebuilding efforts.”
Sanjay Pradhan, VP World Bank Institute

Leading the team is Dr. Katrien Hertog -a peacebuilding researcher, author, trainer and practitioner with 15 years of experience as project manager for various peacebuilding NGOs. She has a PhD from the Centre for Peace Research, KULeuven.The project is hosted by IAHV UK who have committed to provide project governance and support for an initial 2 years. Sue Hindle the Trustee responsible for this project commented: “I am really pleased Katrien has joined us to lead this important project. Conflict resolution is a key part of the work of IAHV and is an element of a number of existing projects. This is a fantastic opportunity to build on this work and to make a real difference to peace in this increasingly troubled world.”

Until now,IAHV the Peacebuilding Project has been preparing the ground for future activities. We have formulated our unique approach, developed presentation materials (flyer, presentation, website and video) and started networking and outreach activities.Our next goal is to identify partner organisations and project opportunities and to obtain the funding required to implement these projects in order to be able to make a meaningful impact for peace.

The project has been made possible by a generous donation byC3 System SPRL from Belgium who committed to donate 11,000 euros. This donation has enabled IAHV to pay Katrien on a consultancy basis to establish IAHV’s peacebuilding operations and make them an integral part of international peacebuilding efforts.

The current video is:
If you would like to get involved, contact Dr Katrien Hertog, IAHV Director of Peacebuilding at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





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