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Past Projects

10k London Run 14 July 2014

Following the success of the London 10k Run in 2013 and 2012 (see picture) IAHV will again be entering 108 sponsored runners for the run on 14 July 2014. Book your place ASAP with Raj as this event is very popular.

See www.thebritish10klondon.co.uk




Uttarakhand Floods

Uttarakhand Disaster Relief – IAHV UK raised £32,000

Mountain Beauty turns to Raging Torrents

Tucked up against the Himalayas in the far North of India, next to Tibet and Nepal, Uttarakhand is famous for its beauty, the Himalayas, and as a destination for pilgrims seeking spiritual emancipation and revelation.

The rugged beauty of the mountains suddenly turned to raging torrents and devastating landslides when massive rainstorms on 16th July 2013 when nearly 4 times normal monsoon hit an area of Uttarakhand roughly the size of Wales. Early reports were that over 3,000,000 people were affected, and over 4,000 villages washed away.


IAHV in British 10k London Run 2013

Register now for the British 10K fun fundraising day… Sunday 14th July 2013. IAHV UK is fielding another team of 108 runners (joggers and walkers) in the British 10K sponsored event in central London. It’s a great fun event and a wonderful way to raise funds for IAHV's good causes.


Pakistan Flood Appeal

In 2010 IAHV worked towards Pakistan flood relief.

Pakistan is going through one of the most difficult times in its history. By all accounts, the floods have caused a catastrophe that is much more severe in human suffering and consequences than the Tsunami, Haiti or Kashmir earthquake.


LiveSMART Programme for Refugee Rehabilitation and Integration into Adopting Communities

The initial stages of an initiative was launched in Norway in February 2010 to provide an effective and positive strategy for the rehabilitation and integration of refugees into their receiving cultures. The group addressed was one of the most challenging: Young unaccompanied males aged between 15 and 18.


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